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Tonya G. Bartell



  • Higher Ed: Education 


I am a faculty member in the School of Education at the University of Delaware. My research is around examining professional development and mathematics methods courses for current and prospective teachers centered on integrating issues of equity and issues of mathematics teaching and learning, including investigating teachers learning to teach mathematics for social justice.
Before coming to Delaware, I was a high school mathematics teacher in rural Minnesota, working at a traditional high school and opening (and teaching in) an alternative high school for "at risk" students. I did my doctoral work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a fellow in the Diversity in Mathematics Education Center for Learning and Teaching (DiME).


Mathematics Education
Math for Social Justice
Critical Math Pedagogy
Culturally Relevant Math Pedagogy 


Bartell, T.G. (in press). Learning to teach mathematics for social justice: Negotiating Social Justice and Mathematical Goals. Journal of Research in Mathematics Education.
Bartell, T. & Meyer, M. (2008). Addressing the equity principle in the mathematics classroom. Mathematics Teacher, 101(8), 604-608.
Bartell, T.G. (in press). Using lesson study as a means to support teachers in learning to teach
mathematics for social justice. In M. Q. Foote (Ed.), Mathematics Teaching and Learning in K-12: Equity and Professional Development. New York: Palgrave.

Bartell, T.G. (in press). The role of relationships in promoting equity in mathematics education. In L. Spielman & J. Mistele (Eds.), Mathematics Teacher Education in the Public Interest.